A newborn company ready to be weaned

Hello everyone, it seemed only right to start this section of our website, this blog, which is here to represent a kind of diary of our fledgling venture into the world of video production and documentary. And there could be no better time to inaugurate the blog except as a result of our first public appearance as VeridisQuo Productions professional meetings of Biografilm Festival 2015, held in Bologna 11 to 13 June.BiotoB

It is a festival dedicated entirely to the promotion of themed biographical documentaries, the so-called biopics. I must admit that we approached with a bit of excitement at our first time not like journalists or movie fans but as professionals, with the prospect of being able to show our work to an audience of international buyers.



We came back with a great desire to get involved and aware of going in the right direction. In the next post we will focus on the main project we are carrying out for several months. Meanwhile I trust in the curiosity to stay informed about our work and the world of documentary following this blog we’ll try to keep updated as much as possible with the development of our products and insights on issues dear to us. Enjoy the reading.

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